Forex Profit/Loss calculator

Our Forex Profit/Loss calculator is easy to use. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the Instrument, column selects the currency pair from the dropdown menu (The currency pair you are trading or you want to calculate the profit/loss on).
  • Select the currency of your account. ( USD, JPY, EUR, CAD).
  • Select whether you have bought the lots or sold them from the dropdown list.
  • Enter the lot size you have bought or sold (for example 0.01, 0.1,1).
  • The open and close prices are automatically updated at the current price but you have to enter the price you opened the trade in the open price box and enter the price you have closed or you are willing to close the trade.
  • The tool will load the pip size of the currency pair selected.
  • Hit calculate and it will show you the profit in your account currency as well as in pips.

Check out our article on how profit and loss are calculated in forex if you want to know how it is done mathematically. We have explained step by step with examples.