Can OpenAI create crypto coin in 2023


Artificial intelligence is digital intelligence that is typically based on algorithms. Artificial intelligence itself can not create cryptocurrency but can provide you with guidelines and relevant information you need on the process.

Here is what ChatGPT says if you ask it to create cryptocurrency:

ChatGPT response on creating Cryptocurrency
ChatGPT response on creating Cryptocurrency

AI is applied in digital devices to make them smart, such as smartphones and computers. In the current digital era, artificial intelligence is gradually becoming an essential part of our lives.

It’s no wonder that crypto traders also want to make use of artificial intelligence to boost their investment returns. Just like humans, artificial intelligence can analyze large amounts of data and detect patterns efficiently. That’s why crypto traders are looking for cryptocurrency pairs with good ‘AI indicators’ that can help them predict the next movement of the market. But how feasible is it to create a cryptocurrency based on artificial intelligence?

How OpenAi / ChatGPT are used in the field of Crypto

How OpenAi / ChatGPT are used in the field of Crypto

OpenAI provides “very cool storytelling opportunities” for creating crypto coins. This includes using AI to create digital assets with a unique look and feel.

– OpenAI’s chatbot platform, ChatGPT, leverages deep learning via Generative Adversary Networks (GANs) to create new content that is virtually indistinguishable from human-created content.

– Investors are starting to experiment with ChatGPT and other AI tools as cryptocurrency trading bots. The market for these types of investments has seen a surge due to the introduction of chatbot technology.

– In May 2018, Google announced a partnership with OpenAI to create open-source AI software libraries. Through this initiative, developers can access high-quality machine-learning algorithms that were developed by experts in the field. This will provide a variety of options for creating digital assets.

Are there any crypto coins created with OpenAI or Artificial Intelligence

– Yes, OpenAI is a technology that enables users to create and use AI-powered applications. Some cryptocurrency coins have been created with their use.

– AI tokens are a relatively new type of digital currency gaining popularity in the crypto space. The market value of AI tokens is currently around $1.6 billion, with the growing interest in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, it’s expected to reach a staggering $50 billion by 2023.

– Collectible trading card games such as Gods Unchained are utilizing AI to provide “very cool storytelling opportunities.” The game was launched in April 2018 and utilizes blockchain for a more secure and fair gaming experience.

– OpenAI’s flagship platform has been used to develop chatbot Qairos for Twitter, which provides personalized chatbot experiences for a variety of topics and audiences using natural language processing and open-source machine learning algorithms.

– Cryptohopper is a popular cryptocurrency trading bot that works with various exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, and Bittrex. The bot is designed to leverage market volatility to earn profits through cryptocurrency trading by automatically trading cryptocurrency assets based on market conditions. Its features include cryptocurrency market data, support for multiple currencies, real-time monitoring, customizable settings, and more.

– With the increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence-powered applications and services, many companies are turning to open-source machine learning platforms like OpenAI to innovate faster and create better products and services.

Five Artificial Intelligence (AI) Crypto coins

Five Artificial Intelligence (AI) Crypto coins

– AI-focused cryptocurrencies are emerging on the market, offering features such as enhanced security and faster transaction times. Five of the best AI crypto coins to invest in are OCEAN, FET, AGIX, ALI, and NULS.

– These cryptocurrencies represent a growing market for artificial intelligence projects and products. In recent years, artificial intelligence has led to a booming cryptocurrency market. However, some cryptocurrencies have become popular due to their underlying artificial intelligence technologies rather than their blockchain technology.

– Some of the cryptocurrencies in this category offer a high level of security through enhanced security protocols or a faster transaction time with a lower cost of operation compared to other cryptocurrencies.

– Overall, there is a good amount of potential behind these cryptocurrencies. They have a promising future ahead of them as they offer advanced artificial intelligence solutions to industries across the world.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol is a form of cryptocurrency that is built on a blockchain platform and utilizes artificial intelligence to improve data security and access. OCEAN tokens can be used for buying and selling data on Ocean’s marketplace, as well as for staking on data-curation activities. The Ocean platform allows users to buy and sell algorithms that automatically analyze and categorize digital data. By using artificial intelligence, the Ocean token aims to streamline the process of analyzing digital information and make it more efficient.

Currently, OCEAN has a circulating supply of 613 million tokens and a maximum supply of 1.41 billion tokens. Overall, Ocean is one of the top 5 AI-based cryptos according to investor reports. (FET) is a decentralized machine-learning system that enables the growth and development of the digital economy. The platform features a decentralized economy of agents, data, services, and digital assets that can interact with each other to find, negotiate, and execute services. In essence, the platform provides a digital market for digital assets that can be bought, sold, or exchanged between users without a centralized authority or a middleman.

To ensure the security of its network, uses a cryptocurrency token known as FET to reward participants for validating new blocks on the blockchain. The token is used to incentivize network participants and facilitate transactions within the ecosystem. The value of a token depends on its demand and supply; so by providing a digital market for digital assets, aims to create a thriving ecosystem where users can buy and sell them at a secure and fair price.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET is a decentralized and open-holding blockchain platform for artificial intelligence services and products. AGIX token is the native token of the SingularityNET platform and has a maximum supply of two billion tokens and a circulating supply of 1.2 billion AGIX coins. AGIX has a market cap of $561 million and its price at the time of writing.

The SingularityNET platform enables developers to monetize their artificial intelligence services on a distributed network, using Ethereum blockchain and tokenized incentives to coordinate the various stakeholders in the process. It is aimed at facilitating AI research, development, training, and deployment with a focus on improving efficiency, reducing cost, and increasing scalability.

The SingularityNET allows researchers to access advanced machine learning tools, such as chatbots or artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct real-world experiments in minutes rather than days or weeks. This significantly speeds up research efforts while reducing the cost per experiment. With its open-source framework, developers can easily build applications that use artificial intelligence technologies without having to become experts in machine learning or programming.

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DeepBrain Chain is a cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) platform that enables users to create and use AI-powered applications. The current price of DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is $0.010, with a market cap of $56 million and a total supply of 100 billion DBC.

Over the past 24 hours, DBC has decreased by -11.23%, accounting for a loss of about $4 million in value. In the past 7 days, DeepBrain Chain (DBC) has increased by 71.47%, recovering from the previous day’s decrease and currently ranked #4166 in the overall cryptocurrency market.

While cryptocurrencies are different from conventional currencies in that they use digital technology to facilitate financial transactions, they do share some standard features with traditional currencies, such as their volatility and inability to be easily exchanged for other forms of digital assets.

However, cryptocurrencies also include additional features that make them more sophisticated and attractive than conventional currencies, such as anonymity and decentralized control over their supply.

Numeraire (NMR)

Numeraire is an AI-powered digital currency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a type of cryptocurrency that can be used to incentivize participants to contribute data and make predictions in machine learning markets. The value of Numeraire is derived from its utility, like its ability to be used in artificial intelligence applications and machine learning markets.

Numeraire was one of the top AI tokens in February 2023, with a market cap of $1.6 billion. This is due to its success in machine learning markets, as well as its overall potential for becoming a key component in the growing artificial intelligence sector. Overall, Numeraire is a promising digital currency that shows great potential for furthering the technology associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Can you create crypto trading bots with OpenAI/ChatGPT

Openai’s chatbot generator tool, ChatGPT, is a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) that uses deep learning to create content virtually indistinguishable from human-created content. Cryptocurrency traders are already experimenting with ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools as cryptocurrency trading bots.

Cryptohopper is one of the best artificial intelligence cryptocurrency trading bots available on the market and allows traders to customize their trading strategies and create their own trading signals. It also offers free portfolio management features, such as monitoring crypto assets’ performance over time and setting financial goals.

Bitsgap also allows traders to place algorithmic orders and offers free portfolio management. There is a marketplace to buy and sell bots and other features, such as portfolio tracking and analytics.

As cryptocurrencies continue gaining popularity, more traders are taking advantage of artificial intelligence tools to make money trading cryptocurrencies on a larger scale.

However, it is important for them to research the various tools on the market and choose the most suitable one for their needs.

Are There Any AI Bots for Crypto Trading?

Do you think artificial intelligence (AI) bots can play a vital role in cryptocurrency trading? Despite their growing popularity and importance, there are still few traders who have heard of them.

As the name suggests, AI bots are digital trading tools that can be used to automate secure crypto trades and take advantage of market fluctuations. They can help traders analyze vast amounts of data and algorithms quickly and accurately. Some popular AI trading bots include Cryptohopper, Bitsgap, and others [101-104].

These bots can help traders perform various types of trades such as arbitrage, portfolio management, analytics, and custom trading. They can also provide a profitable edge against human traders due to their abilities to handle large amounts of data and adapt quickly to market conditions. However, it is important to note that AI bots are currently legal and are popular amongst beginners and experienced traders for good reason.


Cryptohopper is an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency trading bot that works with various exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase. The bot allows users to create their own trading strategies and follow specific directions to achieve a desired investment outcome. It also has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for users to keep track of their trades and monitor their investment performance.

Cryptohopper has an active community of traders who share tips and strategies for using the bot most effectively. Additionally, the bot provides users with a free demo mode to test various strategies before committing to the platform fully. Whether you are looking for a reliable crypto investment solution or just want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, Cryptohopper is a great choice for you.


HaasOnline is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to backtest, paper trade, and manage portfolios. The platform is integrated with multiple popular exchanges, allowing traders access to over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

HaasOnline has an intuitive user interface and powerful analytics tools to help traders make informed decisions about their trades. It is a complete platform for automated cryptocurrency trading that covers all the necessary elements needed for successful investment decisions.

The features of HaasOnline include backtesting, paper trading, portfolio management, and risk management capabilities, making it ideal for traders looking for an easy way to trade digital assets. The platform is continually evolving to provide the best possible experience for crypto traders.


Bitsgap is an artificial intelligence-based crypto trading bot. It offers free portfolio management and algorithmatic order placement, enabling traders to automatically manage their digital assets portfolio. The bot supports multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to easily trade cryptocurrencies with only a few clicks of the mouse.

It also has a marketplace where traders can buy and sell features, such as portfolio tracking and analytics. Bitsgap uses deep learning algorithms, such as GANs, to generate content virtually indistinguishable from human-created content. This effectively allows the bot to play the role of a human trader and perform sophisticated investment strategies.

Other crypto projects have seen double-digit gains in a week, highlighting the potential of Bitsgap and other Artificial Intelligence-linked coins. Such rapid growth shows that artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important for the crypto market and other financial markets at large.


Mizar is a crypto trading platform that automates, optimizes, and manages trades with a mouse click. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the markets and generate trading signals. The platform has built-in tools for risk management such as stop-loss and trailing stop-loss orders.

Mizar is suitable for both beginner traders and advanced traders, as it offers both manual and automated trading capabilities. The platform works with several leading exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, and KuCoin. This allows traders to easily access cryptocurrencies from their favorite digital wallet or exchange.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity and value, more crypto traders are turning to AI-based digital platforms like Mizar to help manage their investment portfolios efficiently.

Is AI Crypto a Good Investment?

– AI crypto is a relatively new form of digital currency with the potential for growth. As a cryptocurrency, it is similar to bitcoin, except that it focuses on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology instead of mining.

– Investing in AI crypto requires specialized skills and patience. It isn’t a get-rich-quick investment, but it can provide good returns over time.

– AI coins typically include an artificial intelligence platform, which can increase user functionality. These cryptocurrencies have a market cap of $4.27 billion and are gaining attention for their utility.

– Combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technology can help reduce fraud and money laundering. By using artificial intelligence to make smart decisions about financial transactions, cryptocurrencies can help reduce the possibility of fraud or money laundering.

– Investing in AI crypto can be profitable, but you should be aware of the risks involved. If you’re looking to invest in this market, you should do your research and be aware of the risks associated with investing in any digital asset.


Frequently Asked Questions

OpenAI creating a cryptocurrency could lead to a number of potential benefits. For one, their generative AI algorithm ChatGPT could potentially revolutionize blockchain-based token projects and platforms, as it leverages deep learning via Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to generate new content that is almost indistinguishable from human-created content.

Microsoft has already invested $13 billion in OpenAI, in exchange for rights to a portion of its profits until the tech giant recoups its investment. Therefore, a cryptocurrency created by OpenAI would open up opportunities for investors and traders to benefit from this investment.

Furthermore, OpenAI's technology can provide some very cool storytelling opportunities for Web3 games, which use a token-based economic model for user activity and rewards. And lastly, Google recently entered into a Microsoft-OpenAI kind of partnership with Anthropic - a blockchain-based digital reality platform - underlining the need for more applications of OpenAI's technology. All these points to a potentially fruitful venture should OpenAI decide to create a cryptocurrency.


OpenAI could face a few potential risks and challenges if it creates a cryptocurrency. Firstly, openAI may have to deal with high levels of volatility for its cryptocurrency, as pointed out by the CTO of Immutable, Alex Connelly.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s investment in openai could potentially hinder openai's profits. Microsoft is entitled to 75% of profits until its $13 billion investment is recouped, and 49% of profits until the $92 billion mark is reached. This could limit openai's ability to gain a market share in cryptocurrency and generate consistent income from its digital assets.

Finally, openai’s founders have pledged over a billion dollars into the venture, but Elon Musk resigned from the board in February 2018 and remained a donor. This means that openai might need to find other sources of investment or risk not having a sufficient capital base to compete in the cryptocurrency market.



Artificial intelligence is a technology that can be applied to virtually every aspect of life. And cryptocurrencies are the new digital assets that have enjoyed widespread adoption in recent years. So, it only makes sense that artificial intelligence can be used to create cryptocurrencies and crypto trading bots. While this might be a bit far-fetched, it’s possible that AI could shape the crypto space in the future. That being said, artificial intelligence seems like a smart investment for crypto traders at this point. Not only does artificial intelligence make trading easier, but it can also help traders maximize profits and minimize losses.

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