Playing Crypto Ball Z: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning NFTs and Crypto

Playing Crypto Ball Z: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning NFTs and Crypto

Playing Crypto Ball Z: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning NFTs and Crypto

Crypto ball z is the crypto game of the future where you can earn crypto and nft tokens. it’s a game of riddles and crypto mining. the game revolves around solving crypto puzzles to advance in the game and also earn crypto rewards. in this blog, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to playing crypto ball z and understanding the nitty-gritties of the game. we’ve also included a beginner’s guide to crypto ball z that will help you understand the risks involved with playing the game.

What is Crypto Ball Z?

Crypto Ball Z is a blockchain game the successor of a popular game with over 50 million users worldwide. In it, you can play as a hero who fights against the D-Nefs (a group of corrupt politicians) and earn NFTs (non-fiat tokens). The game features unlimited resources, full version unlock and system stabilization. There are no fees to play the game. As a result, you can enjoy playing the game without any financial constraints.

The game features various types of weapons and items that you can use in battles. You can also create unique characters and customize their outfits. This makes it easy for players to stay engaged in the game for long periods of time.

How to play Crypto Ball Z?

How to play Crypto Ball Z?

Crypto ball z is a game that has taken the internet by storm in recent years.

It can be played on

  • Android,
  • iOS, and
  • mobile devices.

– The game involves players rolling virtual coins to hit the ball into the hole without touching the edges of the screen. This game is a fun way to earn cryptocurrencies and play games with cryptocurrency.

BlueStacks is an android gaming platform that you can use to play crypto ball z on your computer. It has a free download, free installation, and unlock full version feature.

– Tips and tricks for playing crypto ball z are available on the JOYCITY Corp. website. It provides useful information on how to enjoy the game best.

How to join a game of Crypto Ball Z

How to join crypto ball Z

Crypto Ball Z is a game of chance where players can earn HERCO, the in-game utility token. The game uses Herostone as its in-game currency, and players can exchange Herostones for HERCO by completing quests and searching for drones in game.

Herostone is an in-app collectible that can be obtained as rewards from ranking events, mining battles, and more. It is also used to customize the game’s graphical interface and unlock unique abilities for all of Crypto Ball Z’s commanders. Players can equip their commanders with buffs that improve the efficiency of mining. With the hybrid game that combines idle RPG gameplay and shooting game elements, Crypto Ball Z offers a unique experience to players looking for a fun way to earn HERCO and expand their crypto portfolio.

Different ways to earn rewards in Crypto Ball Z

– Players can obtain new Heroes using the ‘Combine’ feature and upgrade them to receive rewards. The process of combining objects in the game is simple: select two compatible heroes, position them on the screen, and hit “K” on the keyboard. Doing so will result in the two heroes merging into one new hero with higher stats.

– Herostones can be mined using Drones, a system that exemplifies idle P2E aspects and can be exchanged into the game’s utility token, HERCO; a crucial in-game currency. Players can use HERCO to upgrade characters’ items, evolve them into higher tiers, and other such activities.

– Players can start earning steadily and invest the earnings in levelling up their characters and upgrading them. By investing earnings in levelling up characters and upgrading them, players can improve their characters’ stats and become more powerful in the game.

– Playing Crypto Ball Z offers players different ways to earn rewards such as mining herostones or obtaining new heroes. With these options available to players, it’s easy for them to earn rewards in the game without much effort.

How to collect and win NFTs and crypto?

To collect and win NFTs and crypto in Crypto Ball Z, players must be active and invest in the game. The best way to do this is by collecting Herostones through quests, drone searches, or ranking events within the game. You can also exchange Herostones for the utility token HERCO and trade them.

Another important way to earn crypto in the game is by obtaining unique NFT Commanders to exchange for more HERCO. There are different ways to equip your Commanders with buffs that directly affect the mining process. For example, you can equip your Commander with a cooling suit that reduces the temperature of the surrounding area while mining.

Tips for playing Crypto Ball Z

If you want to play Crypto Ball Z, you can do so on your PC with BlueStacks. In this game, you will be tasked with mining crypto tokens, finding unique NFTs, and commanding unique commanders to win the game. You can also use the free version of the game on WEMIX and play it offline as well.

The game has a simple gameplay that allows you to focus on mining crypto tokens and collecting NFTs. Depending on your resources and progress in the game, you may unlock new elements like drones or quests. The more you play, the more difficult the game grows.

You can also collect unique NFT commanders through various means. Besides, there are idle RPG elements in the game as well which will help you enjoy playing it without any effort.

Benefits of Crypto Ball Z

Benefits of playing Crypto Ball Z

Playing Crypto Ball Z is a free-to-play game which provides novice heroes to start with and the players have the freedom to choose how they want to play the game. It can be played on Android, iOS, and Mobile devices. It provides users with free download, free installation, and download free phone. It features hacks with unlimited money, free purchase, and unlocked paid. The game offers various fun elements such as collecting crypto coins and crypto balls z tokens, playing mini games, leveling up crypto coins and crypto balls z tokens, and more. Overall, it’s a great game for gamers of all ages.

Xuan Wan is a writer at Amoeba Game who has covered various games including Crypto Ball Z. She believes that the game provides a fresh take on the Crypto market without compromising on the fun element. Thus, she recommends players to give it a try!

Risks associated with playing Crypto Ball Z

It is essential to ensure that the game is updated regularly to ensure stability and user convenience. The game could potentially open the door to malicious attacks and software vulnerabilities, so it’s important to keep an eye on your computer’s security.

As a player, you should be aware of the risks of playing an online game, such as data breaches and financial losses. With regards to Crypto Ball Z specifically, players should be careful when making in-game purchases and consider the risk of getting scammed. Some tips are to only use trusted platforms, avoid making financial transactions via game accounts, and stay alert of any suspicious activity.

Players should also be aware of potential tips and tricks that could be used to gain an advantage over other players. Many of these involve manipulating game settings or using cheats tools, which can result in unfair outcomes for fellow players. This could lead them to lose funds or items or even end the game itself. Thus, it’s vital for players to remain aware of their surroundings and exercise caution when playing Crypto Ball Z.

Is it worth investing in Crypto Ball Z?

Is it worth investing in Crypto Ball Z? That all depends on whether you think the game is profitable. As of now, the game has many features and an ample amount of content. It also has a large player base, which should ensure a steady stream of revenue for the game developer. However, the narrative of Crypto Ball Z isn’t as gripping as other blockchain games, so it may not attract many players.

However, if you are okay with spending time in the game for free, this game may be a good choice for you. Plus, the game’s unique NFT Commanders can be exchanged for the utility token HERCO. This token offers various benefits to players who collect them as they progress in the game.

What is the future of Crypto Ball Z?

Future of Crypto Ball Z

The future of the game Crypto ball z is bright. It can be played on PC with BlueStacks, an Android gaming platform trusted by 500M+ gamers. The version of the game that allows for free download and installation is also available. In addition, the game has been updated to version 2.3.10 and can be accessed through APKPure App.

The crypto ball z page has been modified on May 9, 2022. This version of the game includes various improvements to the user experience, such as new backgrounds and special effects. Moreover, additional features are being added in the form of new characters and weapons. This will make the game more exciting and interesting for players of all ages and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are stored on a blockchain and represent the ownership of a unique item. NFTs come in various forms, such as artwork, virtual land, game items, collectibles, and more.

Some of the popular types of NFTs include CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, Decentraland Avatars, NBA Top Shot Moments and so on. These tokens are traded on crypto exchanges like Ethereum and EOS.

For those who want to buy or sell NFTs, there are platforms like OpenSea and SuperRare that allow users to do just that. Moreover, with the growing popularity of NFTs, many other blockchain projects have started launching their own tokens, making it easier for people to access the crypto space.


If you're looking to earn NFTs and cryptocurrency through Crypto Ball Z game, then you've come to the right place! In this game, you can earn Herostones by completing quests and ranking events in-game. You can also exchange your Herostone tokens for the utility token HERCO, which is equivalent of cryptocurrency in the game.

With the help of Herostones, you can unlock commanders and NFTs. Additionally, you can obtain unique commander NFTs by exchanging more HERCO tokens. These commander NFTs can be used to boost certain capabilities or be used in place of novices during battles. Furthermore, if you have a particular affinity for a certain commander NFT, you even have the option of trading in your commander's Herostone tokens for that desired NFT. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing Crypto Ball Z now to start earning crypto and NFTs!


Yes, there are some risks associated with playing Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX. To begin with, the game requires users to download and install software, which can come with its own set of security risks. Furthermore, it has various resources that can be unlocked by players, which could make them vulnerable to data theft or fraud.

Additionally, the game may require users to provide personal information such as their name, address or email address in order to play. This can make them vulnerable to hacking or misuse if not shared securely.

Finally, Crypto Ball Z is a hybrid game that fuses idle RPG and shooting game elements. This makes it more difficult to predict the risks associated with playing the game as it combines elements of both genres with its unique features. So, it is important to be extra cautious while playing Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX.



Crypto Ball Z is a game we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing. The rewards are limitless and the game play is simple and fun. You can start earning NFTs by joining the game through the Crypto Ball Z website or by downloading the mobile app. Remember that the more time you spend playing, the higher your chances of winning! Happy crypto ball zing!

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